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GST Returns Due Date Not Extended for Feb, March, April and May 2020

Due to covid-19 pandemic, governments are forced to lockdown the entire country with only essential services working.

Due to lockdown, businesses are not able to operate and thus given some relaxations in filing of GST returns as well. It is very important for professionals as well as businessmen to understand correctly the changed provisions and relaxation.

Most businessmen are thinking that GST return due date have been extended to June end, due to articles in newspapers and online which have not gone in depth.

Due Dates for returns are NOT extended till June but the late fees are waived till the end of June. (With staggered dates)

While “late fees are waived till June” may seems similar to “due date extended to June” but it is not so. When due date is extended then late fees and interest starts from the next date of the due date. But in this case, if the return is filed after given date then late fees will be payable from next day of original due date. Let’s understand this with an example:

If Due Date Extended from 20th March 2020 to 30th June 2020If late fees waived up to filing return till 30th June 2020Date of Actual Filing – 25th June 2020Late Fees – 0Late Fees – 0Date of Actual Filing – 1st July 2020Late Fees – Rs. 50Late Fees – Rs. 5100 (@ Rs. 50 from 21st March to 30th June)

From above example, it can be seen that a registered person may has to pay late fees in multiple times for just one day of late filing of return.

There are similar provisions related to payment of GST and interest on it.

These are also cleared by CBIC by way of a separate notification.

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